2008 Akron Beacon Journal Enjoy Magazine Cover Article
Newspaper articles about our 2002 Reunion
TV Guide ad from our television appearance with Doobie Brothers & The Motels
Scene Review of our 1982 EP
WMMS Top 25 album rankings with ESB EP listed
Above - 1979 8-man band photo by Craig Megyes & 1982 Promo shot by Robert Holcepl
Below: Live shot from Galion OH show by Ed Bell and the old Agora Ballroom logo.
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3 photos to left: Jim Graening, John Casey and Bob Martin at a Band Memorial Day Party.
Highland Theater ticket stub form 2002 - WERE YOU THERE IN THE SNOWSTORM!?
Bob, Gary & Russ on "the Pinto".
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Various Tangier 2016 shots below
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