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Here's how our gear ended up on the set of the Drew Carey Show . . .
At the end of the first year that the show was on TV we sent a letter to ABC along with some band memorabilia. A few weeks later we received a fax from Warner Brothers. They filmed the show at their studios so their lawyers had to get us to sign a release in order to show Easy Street gear on the air. I called the attorney who was listed on the document and he said that Drew told him "to get this stuff on the show right away". Of course, I quickly signed it and faxed it back!
Starting in year two they had our bumper sticker on the side of the jukebox in the bar and our white ESB hat moved around from the kitchen to the foyer and back a few times. The album cover was placed on top of the jukebox and remained their until the shown went off the air. I visited the set in the 5th year and that's asked if we could put a bumper sticker on the side of the fridge in the Drew kitchen. That bumper sticker remained there until the end as well. I visited the set during the show's last year. I was lucky enough to spend the whole day there and met the entire crew and all the actors - including Marion Ross who played his mother the last couple years.
Drew had told me years earlier that he used to see us at the Cleveland Agora and at Filthy's in
Kent . . . back before he was famous. Drew knows he has an open invitation to join us at Tangier.
We are hoping he'll join us this year.
Below is the signed Easy Street vinyl EP cover that Drew recently signed for us.
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