Here is a photo of the band's
first trip to Florida. This is our entourage - poolside at our Ft Myers hotel. We played at a club called The Looking Glass.
These are the infamous flyers (conceived & drawn by Westside) that we used to put up at BHS for our upcoming shows & dances. Steve probably could have worked for Disney if he wanted to.
Original members were Norton grads Steve Simmons, Bob Wallace, John Marsek, John Schumacher and Barberton's Bob Martin. Our forte - lots of Rolling Stones & Alice Cooper tunes. We idolized Cleveland bands like The Raspberries, Cyrus Erie and Target.
Our first "paying" gig was for AU's infamous fraternity called The Lone Stars. We were paid $125 plus all the Boone's Farm we could drink! Here is a list of some of the other places the Rats played . . . . (Clubs) Fat Alberts, The Causeway, The Corral, Dealer's Choice, The Gateway, Kaiser Bill's, The Longhorn, Piccadilly Pub, Utopia Light & Power, (Colleges) U of A, Ashland, Dennison, Mount Union, OSU, (High Schools) B'town, Norton, Brunswick, Cloverleaf, Copley, Garfield & Wadsworth.
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